Nestled in the vibrant city of Monrovia, where the charm of small-town living meets the pulse of urban life, Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia proudly presents the Infiniti Q50. This luxury sports sedan, known for its blend of performance, elegance, and advanced technology, stands as an ideal choice for Monrovia's discerning drivers.

Experience the Thrill of the Infiniti Q50 at Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia

FeatureInfiniti Q50 Trim Level
Engine3.0L VR-series twin-turbo V63.0L VR-series twin-turbo V6
Horsepower300 hp400 hp
Torque295 lb-ft350 lb-ft
Transmission7-speed automatic7-speed automatic
Fuel Economy (Combined)23 mpg20 mpg
Top SpeedLimited to 137 mph (electronically governed)Limited to 137 mph (electronically governed)
0-62 mph5.5 seconds4.5 seconds
Technology- 10.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system - Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - Head-up display (available) - Bose sound system (available)- 10.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system - Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - Head-up display (available) - Bose Performance Series sound system (standard)
Driver-Assistance Features- ProPILOT Assist driver assistance system - Lane departure warning with intervention - Blind spot monitoring with intervention - Rear cross-traffic alert with automatic braking - Adaptive cruise control- ProPILOT Assist driver assistance system with enhanced features - Lane departure warning with intervention and lane keep assist - Blind spot monitoring with intervention and collision warning - Rear cross-traffic alert with automatic braking and reverse automatic braking - Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go - Traffic sign recognition
Safety Features- 10 airbags - Tire pressure monitoring system - Vehicle stability control- 10 airbags - Tire pressure monitoring system - Vehicle stability control - Surround view monitor - Rear automatic braking
Passenger Capacity5 (2-row seating)5 (2-row seating)
Cargo Capacity- 14.8 cubic feet behind the rear seats - 48.1 cubic feet with the rear seats folded flat- 14.8 cubic feet behind the rear seats - 48.1 cubic feet with the rear seats folded flat

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The Quintessence of Performance and Style

The Infiniti Q50 is more than just a car; it's a statement on the road. Under its hood lies a heart that beats with the promise of exhilarating performance – a powerful twin-turbocharged engine that delivers a rush of power and acceleration. The Q50’s agile handling and responsive steering make every drive an engaging experience, whether cruising through Old Town Monrovia or exploring the open roads of California.

The exterior of the Q50 boasts a design that's both dynamic and elegant. Its sleek lines, bold front grille, and striking LED headlights give it a presence that's impossible to ignore. This sedan doesn’t just transport you; it announces your arrival.

A Cabin Where Luxury Meets Technology

Inside the Infiniti Q50, luxury and technology converge to create an oasis of comfort and connectivity. The cabin is adorned with high-quality materials and thoughtfully designed to provide a space that’s both inviting and functional. The advanced InTouch™ infotainment system, with its dual touchscreen displays, offers seamless integration with your digital life, keeping you connected wherever your journey takes you.

Safety as a Top Priority

Safety in the Infiniti Q50 is paramount, with a suite of advanced safety features ensuring peace of mind on every journey. From the comprehensive airbag system to the cutting-edge driver-assist technologies like lane departure warning and forward collision alert, the Q50 is designed to protect you and your passengers.

Why Choose the Infiniti Q50 from Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia?

The Advantages of Choosing Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia for Your Luxury Car Needs

In the quest for a new luxury vehicle, where you choose to make your purchase is just as important as the car you select. Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia, renowned for its reputation in the luxury car market, offers a multitude of benefits to its customers. Here’s why buying from this reputable dealership is a decision that Monrovia’s discerning drivers can make with confidence.

Unmatched Expertise and Customer Service

At Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia, the staff's deep knowledge of the Infiniti brand and commitment to exceptional customer service stand out. From sales consultants to service technicians, every team member is trained to provide insights and assistance tailored to each customer’s unique needs and preferences. This expertise ensures that every customer leaves not just with a car, but with a vehicle that perfectly aligns with their lifestyle and desires.

A Curated Selection of Premium Vehicles

The dealership prides itself on offering a wide range of Infiniti models. Whether you’re looking for the latest luxury sedan, a performance-driven SUV, or a certified pre-owned vehicle, Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia has a carefully curated selection to suit diverse tastes and requirements. This variety, combined with the ability to customize and order specific models, makes finding your dream car a reality.

Competitive Financing and Lease Options

Understanding that purchasing a luxury vehicle is a significant investment, Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia offers competitive financing and lease options. Their dedicated finance team works with each customer to find the best possible financial arrangements, ensuring that owning an Infiniti is both affordable and straightforward.

State-of-the-Art Service and Maintenance

Owning a luxury vehicle comes with the expectation of top-notch maintenance and service, which is exactly what Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia provides. The dealership’s service center is equipped with the latest tools and staffed by experienced technicians trained specifically in Infiniti care. From routine maintenance to more complex repairs, the service team ensures that every vehicle continues to perform at its best.

A Commitment to the Community

Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia is more than a dealership; it’s a vital part of the Monrovia community. This connection means that they understand the needs and preferences of local drivers. Their involvement and investment in the community go beyond business, fostering a sense of trust and belonging among customers.

A Luxurious Buying Experience

The dealership offers a buying experience that matches the luxury of the vehicles it sells. From a welcoming showroom environment to personalized customer care, every aspect of Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia is designed to make purchasing a luxury vehicle a pleasure.

In Sum, choosing Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia for your luxury car purchase brings with it a host of benefits. From expert advice and a wide selection of vehicles to competitive financing and exceptional after-sales service, Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia stands as a beacon of excellence in the luxury car dealership landscape. For those in Monrovia and beyond, it represents not just a place to buy a car, but a partner in the luxury automotive journey.

Enhancing Your Infiniti Experience at Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia

At Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia, nestled in the heart of our picturesque city, we're not just about selling luxury vehicles; we're about creating a comprehensive Infiniti experience. Our dealership is a hub where the elegance of Infiniti meets the charm of Monrovia, offering a range of services and insights to cater to every aspect of your luxury car journey.

For those curious about the latest innovations and models in our lineup, our guide on The All-New Infiniti Lineup - What’s New at Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia is an essential read. Here, you'll discover the newest additions and enhancements to our collection, reflecting the cutting-edge advancements and luxurious refinements that define the Infiniti brand.

Understanding the importance of vehicle upkeep, we also offer insightful tips on maintaining the peak performance of your Infiniti. Our guide on Infiniti Vehicle Maintenance Tips from Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia provides valuable advice on keeping your vehicle in optimal condition, ensuring it continues to deliver the exceptional driving experience you expect.

For those considering the versatility and comfort of an SUV, our guide on Infiniti SUVs for Every Lifestyle - Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia showcases how our range of SUVs can complement different lifestyles and needs. From the urban explorer to the adventure-seeking family, there's an Infiniti SUV to suit every journey.

At Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia, we're dedicated to enhancing your luxury car experience, from the moment you step into our showroom to every mile you travel in your Infiniti. Join us in exploring these resources and discover how we can elevate your journey in the world of luxury automotive.

Final Words

We invite the residents of Monrovia to visit Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia and discover the Infiniti Q50 – a car that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of luxury, performance, and innovation. Whether you’re a long-time luxury car enthusiast or looking to elevate your driving experience, the Q50 awaits to redefine your perception of what a sports sedan can be. Visit us today and take the first step towards owning a vehicle that's as dynamic and unique as the city of Monrovia itself.

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