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    Embrace the Road with Confidence: Infinity’s Leading Driver Assistance Features

    Gone are the days when driving was just about steering and braking. In today's fast-paced world, especially here in Monrovia, where every road and freeway brings its own set of challenges, having a vehicle equipped with advanced driver assistance features isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. Infinity vehicles are at the forefront of this revolution, offering a suite of technologies designed to enhance safety, comfort, and convenience on the road. Let's dive into how these features are changing the driving game for Monrovia residents.

    Infinity Vehicles: Revolutionizing Safety with Driver Assistance Features

    Advanced Safety at Your Service

    Infinity's commitment to safety is evident in its comprehensive array of driver assistance features. From navigating through Monrovia's bustling streets to cruising on open highways, these technologies work tirelessly to ensure your journey is as safe as it is enjoyable.

    ProPILOT Assist: Your Co-Pilot on the Road

    Imagine having an extra set of eyes and hands while driving. That's what ProPILOT Assist offers. It's like having a co-pilot that helps with steering, accelerating, and braking in certain driving conditions. Whether you're stuck in traffic on the 210 or enjoying a scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, ProPILOT Assist makes the experience less taxing and more enjoyable.

    Advanced ProPILOT Assist Features in Infinity Vehicles: Taking Driver Assistance to the Next Level

    Beyond the comprehensive standard features, Infinity offers a range of additional ProPILOT Assist features that further elevate the driving experience by providing advanced levels of assistance and convenience:

    This feature builds upon Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) by adding steering assistance:

    • Lane centering: ProPILOT Assist utilizes lane markers and a camera to detect lane boundaries. When activated on compatible highways with clear lane markings, the system gently guides the steering wheel to help keep your Infinity centered within its lane, reducing driver fatigue and promoting a more relaxed driving experience, especially on long journeys.
    • Driver engagement reminder: While ProPILOT Assist provides steering assistance, it's crucial to remember it is not an autonomous driving system. The system requires the driver to maintain hand contact on the steering wheel and remain alert at all times. Gentle reminders will prompt the driver to regain control if hands are not detected on the wheel for a certain period.

    2. Navigation-based Cruise Control:

    This feature takes ICC a step further by integrating with the navigation system:

    • Anticipatory cruise control: By accessing navigation data, the system can proactively adjust your Infinity's speed based on upcoming changes like:
      • Curves: It can slow down slightly before entering a curve for a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.
      • Freeway exits: It can gradually reduce speed as you approach an exit, promoting a safer transition off the highway.
      • Speed limit changes: It can automatically adjust to the posted speed limit, helping you stay compliant and avoid potential violations.

    3. Direct Adaptive Steering:

    This technology enhances steering feel and responsiveness:

    • Variable steering assist: The system adjusts the level of steering assistance based on driving conditions. At higher speeds, it provides a firmer feel for better stability, while at lower speeds, it becomes lighter for easier maneuverability, particularly during parking or navigating tight spaces.
    • Improved handling: This feature aims to provide a more natural and connected steering feel, potentially reducing driver fatigue and enhancing overall driving confidence.

    4. Traffic Sign Recognition:

    This system helps you stay informed and avoid potential violations:

    • Traffic sign detection: Utilizing a forward-facing camera, the system detects traffic signs like speed limits, stop signs, and do not enter signs.
    • Information display: The recognized traffic sign information is displayed on the instrument cluster, reminding you of the current speed limit and other relevant regulations.

    5. Parking Assist:

    This feature makes parking maneuvers easier and less stressful:

    • Sensor-guided assistance: Ultrasonic sensors detect surrounding objects, providing audible and visual alerts to guide you into parking spaces.
    • Steering guidance: The system calculates the appropriate steering inputs and guides the steering wheel, assisting you in parallel parking or maneuvering into tight spots.

    Remember: These additional features are not available on all Infinity models and may require specific trim levels or option packages. Always refer to the owner's manual or consult your local Infinity dealer for the most up-to-date information on the features available in your specific vehicle.

    By offering a comprehensive suite of standard and advanced ProPILOT Assist features, Infinity strives to enhance safety, comfort, and convenience for drivers, making their journeys more relaxing, efficient, and enjoyable. It's important to remember that these features are supplemental and do not replace the need for an attentive and responsible driver.

    Predictive Forward Collision Warning: Anticipating the Unexpected

    Monrovia's roads can be unpredictable. The Predictive Forward Collision Warning system anticipates risks by monitoring the speed of the vehicles ahead, not just the one directly in front of you but the one in front of that as well. If the system detects a sudden deceleration, it alerts you to slow down, potentially preventing a collision.

    Lane Departure Prevention: Keeping You on Track

    Drifting out of your lane can happen, but with Infinity's Lane Departure Prevention, you're less likely to veer off course. If the system detects that you're unintentionally leaving your lane, it gently nudges the steering to help guide you back, ensuring you and your passengers remain safe.

    Adaptive Cruise Control: Effortless Cruising

    Set your speed and let your Infinity do the rest. Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead, making highway driving through areas like the San Gabriel Valley a breeze.

    Around View Monitor: A 360° Perspective

    Parking in Monrovia's tight spots has never been easier. The Around View Monitor uses cameras to give you a bird's-eye view of your vehicle, helping you navigate even the trickiest parking situations without breaking a sweat.

    Assist Features in Infinity Vehicles:

    1. Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC):

    • Set your desired speed: Use the steering wheel controls to choose your preferred cruising speed.
    • Maintain safe distance: ICC utilizes radar sensors to detect the vehicle ahead and automatically adjusts your Infinity's speed to maintain a pre-selected following distance. This not only reduces driver fatigue on long journeys but also promotes smoother traffic flow by maintaining consistent spacing between vehicles.
    • Stop and Go functionality (on some models): In heavy traffic situations, ICC can come to a complete stop and resume following the vehicle ahead when traffic starts moving again, providing a more relaxing and convenient driving experience.

    2. Lane Departure Warning (LDW):

    • Lane monitoring: LDW utilizes a forward-facing camera to monitor lane markings on the road.
    • Unintentional lane departure alert: If the system detects your Infinity veering out of its lane without using a turn signal, it will sound an audible warning and potentially display a visual alert on the instrument cluster to grab your attention and encourage corrective action.

    3. High Beam Assist (HBA):

    • Automatic beam adjustment: HBA utilizes a camera sensor to detect oncoming vehicles and preceding vehicles.
    • Improved visibility and courtesy: Based on the detected traffic, the system automatically switches between high and low beams to maximize your visibility at night without blinding other drivers, promoting safety and courtesy on the road.

    4. Blind Spot Warning (BSW):

    • Blind spot detection: BSW uses radar sensors located in the rear bumper or side mirrors to detect vehicles approaching your blind spot, which is the area behind and slightly to the side of your vehicle that is not visible in the mirrors.
    • Visual alert: When a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, a visual indicator typically illuminates in the corresponding side mirror, alerting you to potential hazards before changing lanes.

    5. Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA):

    • Backing up assistance: RCTA utilizes rear radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching from the sides when you're reversing out of a parking space or driveway.
    • Collision avoidance aid: If a vehicle is approaching from the side, the system will sound an audible warning and potentially display a visual alert on the instrument cluster, prompting you to stop and take necessary action to avoid a collision.

    These standard ProPILOT Assist features in Infinity vehicles represent a crucial first line of defense, promoting safer and more convenient driving experiences. Remember, always stay alert and focused while driving, as these features are supplemental and should not be solely relied upon.

    A New Era of Driving in Monrovia

    Infinity vehicles are redefining what it means to drive in Monrovia and beyond. With their advanced driver assistance features, they offer a blend of safety, comfort, and convenience that sets them apart. Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend adventurer, or somewhere in between, Infinity's technologies ensure that your driving experience is as enjoyable as it is secure. Embrace the future of driving with Infinity, where innovation meets the road.

    Your Next Adventure Begins at Sierra Infiniti of Monrovia

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